Hund is a luxury concierge service for dogs. It creates a single point of contact for affluent dog owners to easily manage all of the responsibilities of dog ownership. Scout is their product and food brand, exclusively avaliable for Hund members.

With the endless amount of goods and services available to dog owners, deciding what is best for their special friend can become an overwhelming task. In addition to meeting the basic care needs of their dogs, owners must commit time outside of their busy schedules to arrange and attend veterinary visits, make multiple trips to the store for pet care products and ensure that their dog is happy and healthy when they are not around.

Managing all of the responsibilities of dog ownership can take away from spending valuable time with their pet and become a source of anxiety when owners are unable to meet these needs.  

Hund. A curated app based ecosystem of existing third party service providers (groomers, veterinary etc.), and high quality products; available in select cities. In addition to providing recognized name brand products Hund will also offer a value brand alternative option, Scout, for select products, targeted at consumers looking for a lower cost option while still retaining the quality our customers demand.

Through utilization of an app based workforce Hund will provide transportation and delivery services to connect dogs to affiliated service providers and make home delivery of dog related products easy and convenient. To ensure users receive the highest quality service for the cost of a monthly subscription Hund will provide personalized assistance using a combination of human concierges, and chatbots. In order to ensure passing the leash is a trusted process all Hund users will receive a personalized branded dog tag at sign up that will be enabled with GPS tracking capabilities.



Timeframe: 6 Weeks

My Role:
Icon Design
UX/UI Directing
Photoshoot Concept
Mobile App

Tom Eyler
Caitlin Willhoite 
Alex Hewitt | Photography

Tools: InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch

Deliverables: Whiteboarding, Summary of Research, SWOT Analysis, Customer Journey Map, Branding and Sub Brands/Style Guide, Lifestyle Photography, Concierge Treatment Solution, InVision Prototype of App Task Flow, Mobile App, Home Landing Page, Packaging Mockup

Style Guide

Research / Survey Results / SWOT Analysis / Competition Audit

Whiteboarding / App Flows

Scout Brand

Scout Packaging